Friday, June 10, 2011

Summertime Sweetie

I realize its technically not summer BUT when every day the temperature is 100+ degrees outside, I say it's summer! Last weekend we got a pool for Madeline and we have used it almost every day since we bought it. We kinda thought she would like it since she likes her bath so much, but this girl LOVES the water! I hope she stays that way! I don't think there is anything cuter than a baby in a bikini! She has done so many new things this week including sitting up by herself and saying "mama"! I should have done her 5 month post 2 weeks ago but here it is! :)

My Sweet Madeline,

You are 5 (and a half now) Months Old!!!

You weight about 15 1/2 pounds - we'll find out exact numbers at your 6 month appointment later this month!

Mommy bought you a size 6 month bikini and it was WAY too tight! You are wearing 12 month bikini's in these pics -- they're a little too big but there are no in between sizes! You are still wearing size 6 months clothes but we are easing our way into 9 month and all your pajamas are 6-9 months!

You wear a size 2 shoe and diaper!

You LOVE getting a bath still and you LOVE your pool!

Your hair is getting long on top and sticks up now! You have also figured out how to take off your headbands and take the flowers off of them! :(

You babble ALL the time and just said Mama on Tuesday! You have no idea what you are saying but I am counting "Mama" as your first word. I have only been trying to get you to say it since we brought you home from the hospital! :) You still squeal and scream when you're happy, mad, or frustrated! You are constantly making me laugh! You also grunt a lot -- Daddy says you get that from me!

You love your new Jeep (walker), your exersaucer, and occasionally you will still sit in your swing. You really don't care for your Bumbo seat or bouncy seat unless you're eating. You're also not a big fan of your high chair. You prefer to be on the floor playing!

You are army crawling now and rolling everywhere! You like to be on the move!

You love to eat still! Your favorite foods are bananas, peaches, yogurt, and sweet potatoes. You are breastfeeding some and on some formula.

Finally, YOU ARE SLEEPING ALL NIGHT!!! You go to bed around 10pm and sleep until around 10am!

You are changing on a daily basis and are starting to show some personality! You laugh at the dogs all the time but Daddy and I still have to work to get you to laugh! You are so sweet and cuddly! Time is going too fast and I want you to stay little forever!! I love you with all my heart!

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