Thursday, June 30, 2011

Night Owl

Madeline has had a couple of rough nights this week. The night before last I put her in these super cute PJ's my mom got her. I had no clue how relevant those PJ's would be to our night! I put her down at 10 and she started this heartbreaking, get me up cry. I am not afraid to let her cry herself to sleep but this cry was different. It was an "I am gonna choke myself crying if you don't get me up" kind of cry. So I got her up, gave her a bottle which she drank and then she played on the floor like it was noon! She played until 11 and then finally fell asleep around 11:15. She woke up screaming again at 4am so I got her up, gave her another bottle and rocked her. She seemed so sad. I put her back in her bed around 4:30 but she woke up and it started all over again. Finally at 5:15 I put her in my bed and held her close and she snoozed until 7 when I had to get up. I am going to sound crazy but it made me miss the days when she slept right next to me. It made me miss how my arm used to fall asleep because it was stretched out so she could lay on it. It also gave me a little flash of future nights when she's older and has a bad dream or is scared during a storm and wants to be with me. I had to write about this because I just want to remember the feeling of her snuggling right up next to me and falling fast asleep. It is one of the sweetest feelings there is. Everyone thinks about how hard it is to be the mom getting up in the middle of the night with the baby, but I think God give mothers special little blessings for taking on that role. Whether its the way they look at you, the sweet sounds they make, or just knowing all they want is to be with you, I have never felt more blessed than I do being a mom...even at 4am!

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