Sunday, June 12, 2011


So this weekend was my first weekend keeping a couple of kids for one of our neighbors. His wife is deployed and he has to work 12 hours every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So my day starts around 4:30 these weekends -- that's right FOUR! I never see that hour unless I have to catch a plane! Anyway, the money is good and the kids are super sweet and truthfully, I feel sorry for the guy. It must be so hard to be in his position (and his wife's too -- I can't imagine being away from Madeline for a night much less 6 months!) We spent most of yesterday running errands and playing outside. Today we went to church and then came home to rest. We watched a couple of movies and before I knew it, 6 o'clock was here. This little cutie was so good all weekend!!!

One of the errands we ran yesterday was to Walmart to get this lovely deck decor! The flies here are OUT OF CONTROL! I would rather see a roach -- even a flying hissing roach over a house fly! They are so nasty. I watched this documentary on Animal Planet a few years ago about the top 10 most disgusting insects and flies were #1 on the list. Seeing as how they sit and eat you know what all day, its no wonder they are the most disgusting! So outside we have these awesome fly ribbons -- they work really well even though they are pretty gross. And inside we are constantly spraying this poison spray -- it says that it kills on contact but that's not entirely true. They fly around for a little while and then die. So I am paranoid about dead flies and poison. I feel like I am forever sanitizing after we spray! Sorry for the long post about flies but it is weighing heavily on my mind today! hah

While the kids were resting today, I busted butt and cleaned the house. It drives me nuts when the house is a mess and with having kids here ALL weekend, the floors desperately needed to be cleaned really well. While I was at it, I just cleaned everything but our room where Terry was sleeping! I am a little bit of a neat freak and decided today I will have no more than 2 children! haha Anyway, the point of all that is that when the kids got up from their naps we went outside for a while. We came back in to watch a movie and the front door opened and in walked Terry with these! I love, love, love random acts of romance! I didn't think I did anything out of the ordinary really but it is so nice to be shown that you are appreciated!
Tonight Terry's friend Rick came over. They went to combat training together in 2008 and have been good friends ever since. Rick is here on a military assignment for a week or so and he came over tonight to watch the Heat and Mavericks game. He got to meet Madeline for the first time! He has been such a good friend to Terry and it was so nice to see him! Overall, it was a pretty good weekend!

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