Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Zoo

 Saturday Terry and I decided to take Madeline to the zoo in Abilene. We weren't sure if she would like it, but she LOVED it! She looked at all the animals like she couldn't quite figure them out...as if she knew they weren't puppies but they still looked furry and fun! I forgot the umbrella part to her stroller so we bought her a hat when we got there. It was a little too big and she kept turning it sideways so she looks a little gangsta! She was so cute! Thank goodness I had sunscreen in the diaper bag because it was super hot and there isn't much shade! The zoo was nice. Terry and I liked the creepy crawly exhibit the best. He got some really good pictures in there. They had all kinds of snakes and lizards! Madeline seemed to like the giraffes the best. We walked across this bridge where you could look down on them and she was fascinated by them! After we went to the zoo we went to Kohl's and Old Navy and then we went to eat at Cracker Barrel! We had such a fun day!

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