Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

With Madeline changing every day, there is so much to remember. I keep having these thoughts flooding my mind and I wanted to write them down. There are so many things I never want to forget about this time in our lives!

Madeline has had a rough two weeks - pretty much all last week she slept with me because she couldn't breathe. I finally took her to the doctor on Saturday and they gave her an antibiotic. They gave her augmentin and it smells awful. I have to give her two of her droppers full twice a day. Last night when I gave her the first dose she made a sour face and when I went to give her the second, she clenched both fists, pursed her lips together very tight, shook her head and made a very loud mmmmm sound. I thought I was going to die laughing! She is so cute!

We have also been doing a lot of ring around the rosy, except Madeline just stands there while I sing and then she cracks up when "we all fall down".

Every day when I get her up in the morning or from her nap, she grabs my neck, climbs up on my stomach with her legs, and holds on tight. It's as if she can't get close enough, and she has the biggest smile on her face.

I am love, love, loving her laugh. She looks at the dogs and cracks up all the time!
In addition to standing this week, yesterday she put one foot on the bottom entertainment center shelf and also tried to put her knee up on the couch. Thank the Lord her little body can't do what her mind wants her to do...yet! I am afraid I have a climber on my hands!

I love the backs of her hands where the little indentions are for her knuckles and the little wrinkles on her fingers where her knuckles are... so sweet.

I love the fat pads on her toes! I kiss them all the time!

I love the way she smells...especially after her bath.

I love the way her breath calms when I pick her up when she's upset.

I love the way she lights up when Terry comes home from work.

I love the way she grunts out loud when she's concentrating on something.

I love the way she looks at me now and crawls to me as fast as she can!

I love the way she takes her binky from me and pants really hard when she sees her bottle!

I love watching her try new foods -- especially when she shimmies after she tries something new!

I love to watch her sleep with her butt in the air and her legs curled under her!

I never want to forget how precious this time is. No matter how old she gets or where life takes her, she'll always be my sweet girl!

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