Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bebop!

My sweet niece, Baleigh, turned 5 today! I am so bummed! It seems like yesterday I got a text with a picture of the sweetest little butterball I had ever seen! She was a big baby and so cute! Now in just a few weeks, she'll be going to kindergarten! Baleigh has brought a lot of joy to our family and keeps us laughing! I called and sang Happy Birthday to her. She said "Hey Issy. I got a puppy! Bye!"  I love that girl!!!

When did this happen? All grown up...

I bought this outfit for Baleigh when my sister was pregnant thinking it would be forever until she would wear I'll be buying her clothes to wear to school

Such a cutie baby!

Baleigh with my Mom, sister, and great grandparents who loved her more than she'll ever know

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