Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Daddy and Madeline before the party

Some of the food...

The cake table and custom super hero capes!

Super baby!

Super Ayden!

Super Bryce!

Super Kylee!

Jaxon and his sweet Grandpa, Brian

Birthday girl, Lexi and her mom, Briane


Lexi with her smash cupcake

Birthday boy, Karter

Madeline, who in her short 6 1/2 months of existence has yet to turn down anything sweet!
Last weekend was so fun! Saturday Madeline and I played in her pool outside until Terry got up and about.  He had a nasty stomach bug Friday so he didn't get up and moving until after noon Saturday. We went to the mall and to a late lunch at my all time favorite place, Texas Roadhouse! Then we went to a birthday party for Madeline's friends from church, Karter and Lexi. Karter was turning 4 and it was Lexi's first birthday. They had a dual birthday party since their birthdays are so close. It was SO cute...the cupcakes, decor, and they gave out super hero capes as party favors! Not just any capes either -- they were hand made and all different sizes and colors. Madeline's was a little pink one!!! It was SO cute! Sunday we went to church and one of my best friends from Maryland who lives just outside Ft Worth came to visit. Sadly, I let her leave without taking any pictures but we're going to see her in the fall so we'll get some then! We went to lunch at The Grill, a cute little trendy restaurant in town. Then we went to the park and then we came home and just talked and talked! I have missed her so much and it was so good to see her!!!

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