Thursday, May 8, 2014

Going to the Airport...

I am headed to San Antonio this morning to go get my parents from the airport! I am so excited to see them! 

I got up extra early today to finish my speech for our pinning ceremony. I think I am in shock that this is really happening. Tomorrow. I am so grateful that God gave me this opportunity. I remember driving by ASU when we first got here thinking I would probably never go back to school after I had Madeline. Somehow God laid it all out and made it work. I could never have done it without Terry. At a certain point, you really do just become one. We're a team and everything we've achieved in life has been made better by doing it together. I am so grateful for him, and the sacrifices he made so I could achieve my dream. Sometimes it got ugly, I have a few gray hairs now, but it's done. And we did it together! 

On another note, our poor fence got taken out by the bad storm last night. I was a little shocked at how fast the wind was blowing. So we have a little work to do unfortunately. Two more weeks and we should be out of this house - I'll be glad to be a renter again! haha 

We get to have one big backyard with our neighbor until we get it fixed!

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