Thursday, May 29, 2014

House Update

We got the official word yesterday that our buyers are not approved to buy our house. I was so bummed - we have wasted 2 months on this, completed repairs they requested at our expense, and have honestly been strung along by them and their realtor this whole time. They did have a pre-approval when we accepted their offer but things went downhill early on apparently. To say that this has tested me would be a vast understatement. We can no longer get a house on base because of this - we changed our lease dates twice and are now inside the 6 month window before we leave so they won't accept us now.

Terry says you can only change what you can control, and to just chill out about the rest. I wish I could! I have been praying and praying though, and trying very hard not to let my mood be affected by stress, especially with Madeline. The good news is our realtor has been awesome, and we are already scheduling showings again so I am hoping we will get a new buyer soon! We really can't do much about getting or building a house in Florida until this is done. So that's where we are, praying that it sells and closes quickly, and that the Lord will provide the perfect place for us to stay until we leave San Angelo.

In the meantime, I went in today to work! I mean just to fill out paperwork, but it feels so good to have a job! haha Work will be a good distraction for me. I also am getting ready to take the NCLEX  (the BIG test to get my license) later in June so I should have plenty to keep me occupied until this house stuff settles. I know God has everything worked out, but if we call you some time over the next month, it may be because we need a place to stay! :)

And because Thursdays should always end on a high note, here's a picture of my summertime sweetie!

I mean, what is cuter than a flamingo bathing suit?!

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  1. I knew my fashionista would have a fabulous swimsuit! :) we must met at the pool this summer!