Sunday, May 18, 2014


The nice thing about being a nursing major is at the end you get a pinning ceremony just for nurses! Since ASU no longer has an Associates program, it was a really small ceremony with just 24 undergrad and I think 4-5 graduate students. Since I was an officer for the Student Nurses Association, I helped plan the ceremony and had to make a speech. I was our Mentor Coordinator so I had to say a little something about each mentor from my class and give them a certificate. Here's the highlights: 

*The pinning ceremony was the day before graduation. I started feeling a little emotional that afternoon, although I am not sure why. I think I was just happy my parents could be there, relieved and sad that it was about to all be over, and nervous about giving a speech in front of so many people. I had to be there a few hours early to decorate, and right as I was walking out the door, our doorbell rang and these were delivered. 
My sweet friends from church sent me flowers. I may have shed a tear then! I say it all the time, but I just love our church. The weekend I graduated was also a big weekend for church stuff, it made me feel so loved that they thought of me. The flowers were SO pretty!!

*It was the end of an era for my friendship with Rachelle. I think we'll always be friends, but I am still a little sad our nursing school bond is over. We studied together and laughed together all the time! I just love her! 

*The light on the stage was SO bright, I couldn't see my speech so I felt blinded and terrified I was going to mess it up. 

*I didn't mess it up and our faculty said it was the best speech they've heard. haha I should be in politics! :)

*I wore wedges and didn't fall or trip! <=== a true miracle!

*I didn't cry during the ceremony although I almost did during a moment of silence we had for everyone who has passed away while we've been on this journey. I couldn't help but think of Terry's mom and how much she encouraged me. She was so proud of me, and was so excited for me. She was definitely one of my biggest cheerleaders that first year of nursing school. 

I think that's it! We went to 3 Parrots after because every place in town was crazy, Madeline was melting down, and I just wanted to go somewhere quick. My mom got much better pictures on her camera but I got a couple of good iphone ones! haha It was a good day! 


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  1. Sounds like a perfect day!! Glad your parents were here!!