Thursday, May 22, 2014

Losing It...

Soooo we're supposed to close on our house next week, and the bank told our realtor that they're "not sure" if our buyers are going to get approved! WHAT?!?! So my house is packed up including my kitchen, we have a u-haul scheduled for 10am tomorrow, and a 9am appointment to sign our lease. They're supposed to let us know something by 3pm today. This is now the 2nd time we have not signed our lease because of these buyers and the third time we've pushed back closing so needless to say, our house may be going back on the market. Do you hear the gray hairs forming as I type?!

Terry is handling it all pretty great. I am not. haha But in my defense, I am the one packing everything and dealing with the drama while he's at work. So anyway, yesterday I was kind of freaking out and he just stopped me and prayed over me, our house, and what God wants for our family. I felt so convicted that I don't trust God to handle this. So we are in limbo for about the next several hours until we know more from their bank.

We are praying that this will just go through. We can't really move forward with our stuff in Florida until this goes through, we're on thin ice with the people on base for changing our lease dates, and we are packed up and ready to go. If this doesn't close, then I have a LOT of work to undo and then redo when we find a new buyer. On top of that we'll go to the bottom of the list for base housing, and may really have nowhere to go. Ahhhhh!!! 

I like to think I am in control, but I mean who am I kidding?! This is the story  of my life, and I should be totally used to it. Exhibit A and B...
He doesn't usually just chill on the coffee table...but I think he's thinking, I am old and I can guard these Doritos if I want to...or maybe he wasn't thinking at all which is probably more likely. He's really not that bright! Good thing he's handsome! :)

And this is classic Madeline....ALWAYS making a crazy face, getting into something she's not supposed to, making me laugh and take a picture instead of getting on to her! Well, not always, sometimes I have to get on to her...and then laugh in the other room just like every parent of a toddler.

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