Thursday, July 30, 2015

4th of July

I'm going to attempt to catch up on blogging this week. Good thing I waited until Thursday to start! :) 

We had Terry's family over on the 4th of July. His aunts offered to make all the food - they smoked meat and made all the sides...oh man, was it delicious! So I just had to get a few paper products and a couple of desserts. I made a dirt cake which may just be my new go to dessert - easy and everybody likes it. 

Anyway, we ate and swam and then headed out to watch fireworks that were less than stellar. Madeline enjoyed them, which is really all that counts anyway. 

I'm increasingly thankful that more stores are starting to carry cheap party stuff that is cute! #targetyouhadmeatthedollarsection

*disclaimer - I may have recycled some of the party stuff for Terry's party too*

Three of my favorite people in the pool :) 

I love Independence Day! 

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  1. Cute party!! Love the big bow in her hair!! Let Miss America!!