Friday, July 17, 2015

This and That...

Well, it's been a good week around here! 

Terry found out Wednesday that he got promoted. The official list came out yesterday but his commander found out a day early and called him Wednesday morning to tell him! Y'all it was the best thing ever...he kinda scare Terry at first and told him he need some counseling (military language for you're in trouble). Then he said, you know counseling on how to be a Master Sgt! SO awesome...
It's kinda a big deal when the commander calls! :) 

The way promotion works now you have to make a certain grade on the written test and then if you do that, your file goes to a board and they decide who to promote. I knew if Terry could pass the written part - which is a LOT of information to know, that he would be a shoo-in for the board. He has always worked SO hard and been dedicated wherever we've lived or whatever job he's done. He did pretty awesome things in San Angelo so I knew his file would look good. 

The week Terry tested was the week his dad had surgery in February - it was crazy and Terry would go out to his truck to try to study since we were still living at his Dad's house at the time. I am so proud of him. He's had a tough couple of years. He told me on Monday that we would find out his results this Thursday. I prayed out loud that God would promote him despite the impossible circumstances he tested under. God listens...I am so happy for Terry! 

We had a little party last night to celebrate...if you look close you can see that I turned on the wrong burner while I was making dinner! #oops

I had to order the cake from Walmart since they were the only place that would make it the same day. What it lacks in prettiness, it made up for in taste! It was delicious! 

Yesterday we  met with the surgeon (ENT) who will take Madeline's tonsils and adenoids out. Turns out the ENT is married to the anesthesiologist who did Terry's surgery. So she's going to do Madeline's anesthesia and her husband will be taking out the tonsils. They are wonderful and they're Christians. God has such a wonderful way of putting me at ease. 

She just really loves the doctor's office! haha

She'll have surgery in September. And I will be a wreck. 

Finally, my mom and sister are here this week! Madeline's having a blast with her cousins...she's leaving tomorrow to go spend a week with Nana and Big Papi and her cousins. Somebody hand me a kleenex! 

Happy Friday! 

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