Friday, July 31, 2015

Big Brother

My brother rarely calls me, but when he does he makes up for lost time! He called me recently and we started reminiscing about old times. We lived pretty close when we were stationed in Maryland, and I take credit for hooking him up with the love of his life, Cara! She's one of the best people I've ever known, and he is SO lucky to have her. 

She and I go wayyyyy back...

Party stores, the gym, Arbor Mist, and Chevy's Mexican food helped build our friendship! :) 

Now we're mommas and get to talk usually with one or more children demanding something from us...but aren't they cute? 

Still pretty cute...

Anyway, I guess talking to my brother stirred up all this love I have for his family! :) 

My nephews used to spend the night with us a lot on the weekends and we would take them to do all kinds of things. They used to think we were cool! :) 

How cute are they? 

And with Cara...

I found this and HAD to post Brady with my brother...gahhh!!! He was the cutest baby! 

Here's Josh holding him now... haha 

I'm so proud of my brother and the life he's made for his family. He's worked so hard! 

My oldest nephews are so grown up now and they look like young men!

Luke and Addy are pretty adorable too! 

I love this picture because I feel like it represents true family life...crazy! :) 

Okay - I'm done being sentimental now. I am sure every sister thinks the world of her brother. I just happen to think God gave me the best! :) 


  1. Your brother looks like you!!! :) What a great brother and family!!