Friday, July 3, 2015


The past two weeks we've had company...Stephanie and Adam and then our friend Josh from the military. Josh was Terry's friend all the way back to basic training (boot camp) so we've pretty much grown up together. We haven't seen him in a few years so it was nice to catch up! 

Sorry not sorry for the picture overload...we had the best time while they were here. I keep calling it staycation when our friends come...really it's just an excuse to have a good time! :) 

One day while they were here we rented a pontoon boat. It was the best day...

These two are best buds...

All Madeline wanted to do was fish...she's become quite the fisherman. She fishes in room, in the pool, in the living room, at Papaw's house...she's gotten pretty attached to her fishing pole! 

 Be still my baby is turning into such a beautiful little girl! Her happy place is for sure on the water! 

We stopped a couple of times so the kids could swim - the sound isn't nearly as pretty as the gulf but the water was still pretty clear. They found LOTS of hermit crabs! 

Steph and I practiced our selfies. Let's pause for a moment to appreciate the frizz on top of my head! haha 

We stopped a little so Terry could fish...he caught this spade fish and I got so excited! I thought it was an angel fish but he corrected me. Still looks aquarium worth to me! 

Then this happened on the way in...she was falling asleep and grabbed his hand. Nobody loves her like Steph's kids. They are so good to her and she adores them. My heart melted! 

That night we went to Crabs to eat...seriously my favorite restaurant and Madeline's too. The night we were there they had hermit crab races and a balloon artist! So fun!!! 

Aden got a scorpion, Brynn got a dolphin, and Madeline got a mermaid! 

Stephanie and I got a little jealous so we had them make us Best Friends crowns...You can't see it in the selfie but I was Best and she was friends! She is my person...I'm telling you, God knew my heart and how much I needed a good friend in San Angelo. 

Seriously the best day ever!!! 

We also went to the Gulfarium while they were here. It's pretty cute and they have some interactive stuff. 

I had to stress to Madeline to keep the starfish IN the water! 

Sharks and dolphins...they just had a baby dolphin born on 4/29 and she is adorable...Sadly, I failed to get a good picture of her! 

This turtle looked like he was doing a little yoga...pretty sure it was just too hot to put his feet down but it was funny! 

We also hung out at the house some too! 

Swimming in the rain! 

We  ate too much good food, played lots of Mario Party and Mario Kart, and just had the best time while they were here! So thankful for good friends and a break from reality. Can't wait to do it again next week - Brianne hope you're packed! :)

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