Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty low key weekend. 

My dad had his gall bladder out on Friday and did great. It was a huge answer to prayer given all the complications he had from his last surgery. God is good! 

Madeline and I went to the beach after school Friday. She really doesn't like getting up and going to school every day, especially on the days I take her. It kills her that I am home and she has to go to school without me. Honestly, it kills me too. She has already learned so much though and we're trying to get her excited about school. She likes it once she's there, but the getting up and going is tough for her.

The beach was so pretty and so calm, but there was this giant line of seaweed in the water. 

And these crazy things were swimming all in it. I have lived here most of my life and never seen anything like them. SO my curiosity got the best of me and I fished one out of the water. 

I think they're snails??? My extensive 10 second google image search revealed some sort of sea slug maybe. They were weird though and with all the flesh eating this and warm water death virus that, we stayed out of the water. Plus there were a lot of jelly fish. Total bummer. 

We practiced our letters in the sand though. 

Our city park is just before the bridge to the beach and there's a small splash pad there. We haven't been because it's pretty small and its crazy crowded in the summer. But there was nobody there so we stopped. I think Madeline hated it. ;) 

Our town only has one high school, and they put up these posters of all the football players in the median. I got all warm and fuzzy thinking about Friday Night Lights and the joy of a small town. We're gonna have to go to some football games this year! 

I promise I was stopped at a red light. 

Madeline also spent some quality time dressing up her puppy. She LOVES this dog, and she is always changing her clothes and accessories - see the tiara? 

She also loves to take selfies on my phone...I don't have the heart to delete them. 

Terry was feeling pretty crappy Saturday and today he's full blown, going to the dr tomorrow sick. So Madeline and I entertained ourselves in the pool. We talked all about antonyms and synonyms. She is SO smart....she really amazes me. She did so good with it.  Although, when I asked her the antonym of hard, she said, "not hard". haha 

She is dying to do gymnastics or ballet and is always doing something like this. Future cheerleader, maybe? 

It was a good weekend! 

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  1. That is a great cheerleader pose!!!! Can't believe y'all are still swimming and splashing. Our pool is down, and the city pool has closed! :(

    So cool about the football team!! What is the mascot?