Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We have been on vacation for the last week so I haven't really taken the time to post anything. Terry packed the camera and forgot the charger but thankfully my SIL brought her camera so we have just been using it and stealing pics from her. I have a lot to post about vacation but thought I would start with this post. My sister-in-law was my best friend for years before she married my brother...I like to take credit for making that happen! :) I hooked them up on a romantic date on Valentine's Day 2009, complete with a heart shaped cake and the movie The Blob! Anyway, my nephew Luke was born about 6 months before Madeline, but we had to move before they got to meet her. So this week we shared a condo on the beach with them and it has been SO much fun! I have loved getting to get to know my nephew and watching him and Madeline play together! I got them matching outfits before we came so we could take their pictures! The guys think Luke's is a little feminine but I think they both look adorable!!!

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