Thursday, August 18, 2011

Romantic Date Night

There is this Chinese buffet in Englewood called Great Wall, and there have been only a handful of times in our marriage where I have seen Terry happier than he is at Great Wall! He loves nothing more than all the Chinese food you can handle for less than $10! So when my family offered to let us and my brother and SIL go out while they baby sat, we went to none other than Great Wall! We also went to see Transformers brother's choice. I know you're thinking it can't get anymore romantic, but we did stop at the dollar store before the movie to stock up on candy! Of course I would knock my box of whoppers over during the movie and they rolled everywhere! Thankfully, it was dark and hard to see anything but we got a good laugh out of it. My parents, sister, and granny all babysat! I think Madeline gave them a run for their money at one point but we sure appreciated being able to go out together! I didn't take any pictures of us but my mom took some of the babysitting adventure! I hope I didn't stir up any jealous feelings in anyone talking about our very romantic double date! :)

My niece, Baleigh  feeding Madeline

Lukey dinner time

They took Lukey down to the beach while Madeline napped

Bath time!!!

Apparently Madeline threw a heck of a fit and Papaw was the only one who could calm her down

My sister doing double duty

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