Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gasparilla Island

On Saturday we went to Gasparilla Island. I absolutely love it there. It looks like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks book, complete with a lighthouse! Everything is so lush and green, and the houses are dreamy! There is a separate road for golf carts because that is how people get around on the island. We ate dinner at this cute restaurant on the water. The food was delicious! I got lobster mac and cheese and it was SO yummy! After we ate we went to the lighthouse to take some pictures. My dress is less than flattering but whatever! Then we went to this street covered with Banyan trees. It was such a fun night!!!

Terry LOVES waiting a long time for food!

My dad and Luke decked out in their Bama gear at the restaurant

my sweet girl!

My brother and sister-in-law at the restaurant

The lighthouse

My sister, Madeline, and me

My dad, Luke, Granny, and my brother Josh

My parents and the grandkids that were there

This street has Banyan trees that cover the whole street -- its so pretty!

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