Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Wrap Up

I am tired of blogging about vacation but since it was our first one as a family, I wanted to be thorough. The last thing to remember is the trip there and back...the trip there started out a little hectic but was anti-climactic. Now that we live in a small town with a tiny airport, there isn't quite as much pressure when we are going to the airport. However, there are still rules about when you can check-in...or should I say CAN'T check-in! I tried to tell my sweet husband this but he insisted we didn't need to be to the airport before 6:45 for a 7:30am flight. We all know I am constantly 15 minutes behind (on a good day) so we got to the airport around 7 the day we left and were told, "You're late...VERY late!" haha They let us on anyway but the stern man behind the counter gave us a little lecture on how airports run! We had good flights to Dallas and then to Tampa. My parents greeted us when we landed. Mom and I went to Starbucks while Dad and Terry went to rent the car. Before we knew it my brother and SIL were there and we were off to the beach!

All week I dreaded going home. I am the crier in the family. Always have been. As a kid, I would cry every time we left my grandparents house, and as an adult I have definitely shed my share of tears leaving family. I seem to get better as I get older but being with my brother and SIL all week and the rest of my family for the first time with Madeline, I knew it was going to be a sob fest when we left. Our flight was supposed to leave at 10:05am and I thought it was 10:35am  until I checked my email on the way to the airport. Oops! Well, we were a little over halfway to the airport and Lukey began puking in the backseat. He had yogurt for breakfast and my SIL thought she was going to be sick too. She was trying to clean him up the best she could while trying not to get sick. We stopped for gas and she got to clean him up a little more and get the yucky stuff out of the car. We were cutting it very close by this time. Then we get to the airport about 50 minutes before our flight. I go to pick Madeline up and she had a massive, explosive diaper. All over her, the car seat and now me! Awesome! Thankfully, the guy at the counter checked us in, took our bags (thanks to my dad for tipping him, always helps their attitude), and printed our boarding passes without even seeing me. Nothing makes a good-bye less sad than a little vomit and poop! haha It is SO much fun traveling with babies! So anyway, my good-bye was much more hurried and much less sad than I anticipated! Our flight from Dallas to San Angelo was horrific. Terry thought he was going to be sick and I was literally in tears as I waited for our plane to fall out of the sky. It was a little turbulent to say the least! But, we made it home in one piece around 4:30pm. Not long after we got home, I realized I left my wallet on the plane -- another fun time tracking it down. Thankfully, a nice man at our local airport tracked it down in Dallas (the plane we were on had already taken off back to Dallas with my wallet on it) and got it back to us with everything still in it! Thank the Lord for small miracles! Anyway, here is my sweet angel on her very first plane ride!

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