Sunday, July 28, 2013

Date Night

Terry and I got to go out for our anniversary last weekend! I have to say it is so much easier leaving Madeline now that she's a little older. She barely even noticed we were leaving and just gave us a casual wave and a "bye!" Nice to know we're loved! :) 

Anyway, we went to dinner and then to a cute little park near Dove Creek. Then we went muddin'. I have to say even though part of me worried about paying the deductible when Terry wrecked the truck, it really was so fun! It made me feel so young! 

 After our romantic muddin', we ended the night at Stango's. If you are local and you've never been - GO! They have the BEST ice cream, malt beverages, coffee drinks, etc. It's like a 50's diner type place and it is so cute! I had a root beer float and Terry had an orange creamsicle - they were so good!!!

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