Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tick Tock

As of yesterday my baby is officially in a big girl bed. Bedtime has been a little crazy here for the past couple of months, and something had to give. She would sleep in the guest room by herself but most nights she has been in our bed. It has gotten WAY old! So last night we made the switch. Her crib converts all the way to a full size bed so we just got the mattress and box springs. I think Terry is going to build her a bed at some point but I still don't know what I want and nothing in the furniture store here really appeals to me, especially for what they charge. She did ok last night and woke up once during the night. I think she just has to get used to being in her room again - she doesn't really have a choice at this point! :) 

 Anyway, now I have to find bedding. I've been looking but I will make it into a much bigger decision than it needs to be and it will probably take me forever. I just don't want it to look too busy in her room, but I need something that can take some wear and tear too because of her age. I found a set at pottery barn that I love but may need a second mortgage to get it all. The good thing about Pottery Barn is they do put stuff on sale so I may just have to wait it out. Such major decisions going on around here! 

In other exciting news, Terry got a free ( sort of ) pair of shoes in the mail yesterday. Last summer he got new tennis shoes and recently the bottom separated from them. They're Asics and although we got them on major clearance, they were originally like $180. So I called Asics and they sent us a new pair!!! I was so excited - I love good customer service and feeling like our money is well spent with a company. They're darker red in real life though and they go well with all his FSU stuff! I think I am WAY more excited about them than he is!

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  1. Can't believe she's in a big girl bed! Do y'all go straight to the full size? I am thinking of putting Maggie in a full size bed when she turns 2. Think she might get lost in it though. :) Also, Brianne is wanting to order Addi a quilt off of Pottery Barn Teen and was wondering if they ever do sales. That is good to know!

    I'm with you on the bedding. I like the ruffles and stuff I showed you, but sometimes I think it is too much and too matchy-matchy. And that's saying alot because I like that over the top stuff. Confused about bedding too!! Major decisions!! :)