Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wayward Wednesday

Warning: This post is completely random... I mean, most of mine are but still.

Madeline has the frustrating habit of not listening ( unlike me when I was 2...I was very obedient) and managed to get herself stuck here. I waited a little while before I rescued her and enjoyed the view! :)
My phone takes really great pictures sometimes and other times they look like this - super grainy and terrible. Oh well!

We found this guy in the pool yesterday and rescued him. I think its a dragonfly but I have never seen one up close. He was pretty cute though and thanked us for our help! Madeline was upset when he flew away. hah

Madeline is on the worst schedule of all time. She stays up late, wakes up late, and naps randomly wherever she falls asleep. I think she is slowly giving up her nap, which I am ok with if I can get her to sleep earlier at night. She also refuses to sleep in her bed but will sleep in the guest bed all by herself just fine. I think it's really time for a big girl bed.

 Finally, this is something I am really proud of. Not the fact that I ended a sentence with a preposition but the fact that I fell in love with these shoes in about March or so. Well, they were over $60 which in my opinion is a little ridiculous. I watched and watched and finally got them on sale for $29 and at Nordstrom you never pay shipping! Win!!!!

Finally, I am starting what is sure to be a terrible habit. I cleaned out our closet yesterday and found a box with all my scrapbook stuff in it. I should be ashamed at how much stuff I have and the fact that I haven't touched any of it since Madeline was born. Two of my closest friends both gave me scrapbooks with pages they made and I just haven't done anything with them. But I decided its time. Surely, I can't mess it up that bad, and I really want Madeline to have a scrapbook for each year of her life. We'll see how this goes...

Happy Wednesday!!! 

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