Monday, July 1, 2013


Madeline found her country roots while we were in Florida. Terry's uncle has a lot of land and woods and we spent a lot of time there. He had the best toys for Madeline to play with like a huge pile of dirt, bugs, frogs, a 4 wheeler, and a push broom. She would get completely brown from head to toe in dirt and she loved every second of it! 

She played with this milipede for about 30 minutes one night when we were there. The quality of the picture if terrible. See the guy sitting on the cooler - that's Larry, Terry's 2nd cousin. He would be the star of the reality show with Uncle Stan. I can honestly say I have never met anyone like him. I'm surprised A&E or the history channel hasn't discovered him yet!

 A couple of days before we left we had a fish fry with the whole family at Terry's grandpa's house. He lives here on Hurricane Lake working as a campsite manager - he's almost 80 mind you. It is beautiful here but you can't swim because there are alligators everywhere! Terry's aunt made ice cream and Madeline was in heaven!

 This one's just random but I love her little legs in this picture! My baby is growing up too fast!

Finally, I have to introduce Roger, my all time favorite cat. He's not nearly as slim as he looks in this picture (he and Madeline are probably about the same weight) and is the coolest cat of all time. He lost his eye in a cat fight. I am not a cat person but would make an exception for this guy. Too bad Terry's allergic. 

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