Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Lately...

I had a goal this summer to really purge our house and get rid of junk. I am a little over halfway finished. I am so ashamed to say this is my party/craft/school closet before...

I am not sure how it even got like that but it did. The good news is I found one of my long lost sets of keys! Anyway, the after picture is below! Sometimes I walk by, open the closet, and pat myself on the back! Just kidding but it does make me super happy to get something out of it now. I LOVE organization but am just not every good at maintenance, especially when we're busy. I think though by getting rid of so much stuff, it will be easier to maintain everything. We'll see!  

We spend a little time in our infinity pool almost every day! And if you're thinking man that looks a little different than the other infinity pools I've seen on here. It's because its our THIRD one this summer. The first one lasted a day I think, the second about 3 weeks, and this one is going on a full week now. I just can't see making it through summer without one though! 

Last week I took Madeline to see Monsters University and she loved it. She may have eaten a piece of popcorn off the floor while we were there. Guess I should've sprung for the combo. We had a good time though and I love that she's old enough to do this now! 

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