Monday, July 15, 2013

Mundane Monday

Since Madeline has been sick we have been stuck hanging around the house. Terry decided to entertain himself yesterday by dressing her up in the dogs clothes. Before you feel sorry for her you should know that she loved it, and got mad at me when she had to change. 

In other mundane news, I finally got up the nerve to put Zoe on Craig's list. I must have gotten at least 50 phone calls and texts over two days. I guess people around here are desperate for a free pup!? Anyway, I think we found a good home for her, and so far she is doing well with the family who took her. I felt a little sad about it, but pretty soon immense relief set in and I was over it. I hope she has a good life but I am thankful that it will be in another home! 



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