Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Goal for Today...

Was to maintain my sanity. I can say it's 10:30pm and I think I'm gonna make it. 

Terry had PRK surgery this morning - kinda like Lasik but a longer recovery time. He's doing ok although he's a little drugged up tonight! But no more glasses for this guy!!! 

After we got Terry home and settled, my sweet girl started throwing up. I noticed she wasn't quite herself this morning and was warm, but by this afternoon she was so hot she was shivering and she could not stop vomiting. So off we went to urgent care. 

By the time we got there ( they won't see you without an appointment, and the best I could do was 6:40) she was acting a little better although she threw up in the waiting room. The PA we saw was super nice and this was one of the least painful visits we've ever had. He ruled out appendicitis, gave her some Zofran, tylenol and motrin, and sent us home. 

I feel like this needs some sort of ominous caption...

Future Dr. Richardson????? She sure is cute! 

Not gonna lie - I almost lost it today. The guy on the appointment line argued with me about having dependents because he couldn't find Madeline in the system. I wanted to offer him a gory birth story or cuss him out, but I frantically and politely explained our situation to him. At the time Madeline was shaking and couldn't stop vomiting and I was in no mood for nonsense. His supervisor found her in the system and was looking for an appointment when the phone cut off. Two phone calls later I finally had an appointment for her. I may have shed 6 or 7 tears and wished my mom was here to help me but I tried to just do what I had to do and take care of both Terry and Madeline. 

This was my Jesus Calling devotion last night - the good Lord must've known how much I'd need it today! 

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