Sunday, July 14, 2013

Secret Sunday

While we were in San Antonio we took Madeline to the children's museum. HEB has this awesome area where kids can grocery shop and visit a "farm" to milk the cow. Well, I tried to show Madeline how to milk this cow but nothing would come out. Terry said I was doing it wrong and I had to pull harder. So I took his advice and put forth my best effort to milk the cow. I pulled her udder completely off in my earnest effort! I thought I was going to die of laughter or embarrassment or both. Don't worry too much though, I was able to repair the udder...I should've been a surgeon!
 Madeline has asked me at least once a day since then, "Mommy, you hurt that cow?". Hopefully I didn't damage her or the cow permanently!

PS - It's been a rough weekend here. Lots of poo and little sleep. My poor baby has been so sick and has a terrible diaper rash. Say a little prayer for us! :(

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